Welcome to Dr. Archana Bharti's Gynae Virtual Care at Panchkula in India

gynecology panchkulaDr. Archana Bharti, a Gynecologist from Panchkula in Haryana started Advanced Gynae Virtual Care India, a concept of She envisions adding value to the Health Care Delivery System through her concept.

We require medical care when we are sick. However, we require medical care with promptness and comfort. Dr. Archana believes that Virtual Consultation can help us serve this purpose.

Travelling, Registration queues, waiting times are certain things that she figured out could be reduced for most health checkups and diagnosis. These tedious processes can trouble even a healthy person accompanying the patient. Couple that with the financial losses be it the daily wages or the tiring hours spent at the clinic that makes one, unproductive for that day.

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She believes medical care is a necessity to all and not a luxury therefore, it should be affordable. She aims for a sustainable model which can deliver healthcare at your doorstep. She feels that it will reduce the time taken to reach to the doctor and will lead to early detection of diseases. Early diagnosis will lead to better healthcare results. Healthier the people of a country and healthier are its economy.

blogs pretty frequently. Her talks about all the issues realted to gynecology and is just a brief info to keep by oneself. She greatly feels the need to constantly make people aware of the daily gynec problems that if noticed can be brought to a notice, thus can be easily treated and something major averted.

A good doctor is what one seeks. True! Can, one get a good doctor conveniently without loosing a working day is the larger question? Dr Archana believes in the availability of the doctor of your choice to you at your convenient time. The flexible hours would mean you get medical care and remain productive at your work place also.

Can, the doctor as well cut down the cost of running a physical office by replacing it with a virtual office and pass the benifits of unnecessary billings to the patients. Well the answer is a sure YES!!! Will it make a difference to the society? Is a wait and watch scenario. The journey has begun....

Our mantra is to STAY POSITIVE!!!!

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While the patients need good hands to take care. I will need a good team to help us medicate them. Any sponsors can happily collaborate with us

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